The Graça Machel Trust (GMT) established a “by invitation only” network of women journalists in 2016. The network comprises women journalists in Africa’s traditional and new media with the main objective being to provide a platform that brings together Africa’s leading women journalist voices and media change champions to collectively strategise, develop, and disseminate empowering messaging and storylines about Africa’s women and children. The aim of the network is to change the current narrative of women and children in Africa’s media from one which portrays them as weak and as victims, to the one that affirms them and amplifies and multiply faces of women’s and children’s voices.


“We want an Africa where women and children have an amplified and empowered voice through the media”.


“We want to drive social change through accurate storytelling of women and children in Africa”.


The GMT WIMN has the following objectives:

  • Telling stories of women and children in refreshing and innovative ways to reflect the radically different ways of today’s media consumption;
  • Leverage existing Trust resources and tap into the Trust’s networks to achieve our stated vision and mission;
  • Create a public facing digital platform that builds the WIMN as a brand that can help sustain the network through innovative financing solutions;
  • Create opportunities for information and research sharing between the countries represented by our members; and
  • Share our capabilities for storytelling and improve storytelling skills through tailored training programmes and mentoring.